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Language is the bridge to human connection. It reveals our thoughts, dreams, and goals that unite us with others. At Ponddy, we make better collaboration possible with technology, applications, and courses for people of all age groups and backgrounds. Ponddy® is an advanced AI smart learning brand.


Dynamic adaptive curricula; Transform any content into learning.


Innovator of patent-pending AI technology for language learning.


Certified instructors that will progress you from beginning to advanced levels.


Powered by innovative AKLS® AI technology, Ponddy’s smart learning solutions include intelligent platforms, tailored curricula, standard-aligned assessments, and online courses. Ponddy® Smart Learning is a new way to teach and learn languages more effectively.

Affinity Knowledge Learning System

Affinity Knowledge Learning System

Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS®) is a patented technology that creates optimal paths for language learners. Ponddy processes and connects elements of a language to create a virtual network. The AI system references this network and uses learners data to generate personalized content and provide recommendations.


Ponddy’s smart learning solutions include intelligent platforms, mobile applications, tailored curricula, and online courses. We provide a new way to teach and learn a language more effectively: teachers could easily fix students’ learning gaps, and learners could have personalized learning experiences, according to their own language levels, learning objectives, and backgrounds. Adopted by users from 160+ countries around the world, Ponddy® is widely recognized by international official language testing and teaching institutions.


The ultimate platform for teaching and learning Chinese!

  • Ponddy Reader comes with a library of 35+ sets of curricula, 1000+ Smart Lessons, and an AI Engine to create your own Smart Lessons. Ponddy's AI Engine can level content according to the ACTFL, HSK, CEFR, and TOCFL proficiency guidelines. Ponddy Reader replaces traditional textbooks, helps teachers flip the classroom, and assists students with autonomous learning.


Accredited by ACS WASC, University of California A-G, and Approved by College Board, our credit-eligible and customized online courses are showing 2-3 times in effectiveness in comparison to traditional classroom teaching. We offer fixed and personalized curricula ranging from novice to advanced level for various age groups and backgrounds.

Mobile APP

Aligned with the New Grading Standard of 2021, Ponddy Chinese Dictionary APP comes with a dictionary, grammar books, content, and AI tools for autonomous learners. Build with Ponddy's innovative smart learning system, users receive guidance throughout the cycle of learning, practicing, assessment, and gap fixing.

Customer reviews

"Adaptive and personalized learning have been buzzwords in language technologies in the last few years, but very few products in the market have been designed from the ground up to adapt and personalize language learning in the way Ponddy does. Ponddy scaffolds language learning in unique ways and makes it easy for instructors to create custom curricula in order to better meet the needs of their language learners."

Director of the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center
Dr. Julio C Rodriguez

"Almost immediately, Ponddy Chinese helped me differentiate my teaching to reach all my students from beginning to advanced levels, while giving them the opportunity to personalize their learning in and out of the classroom. Ponddy is a flexible teaching assistant and I continue to find ways to use it to strengthen my teaching and help my students."

University High School, Los Angeles
Julie Tsui

"Ponddy really saves me a lot of time. I no longer have to pre-record lessons or search for authentic content as Pondlets come with native audio and in-context definitions. The students learn on their own time and at their own pace. They have fun doing the gamified exercises. They come to class prepared, saving time for more meaningful group activities instead of vocabulary drilling."

Berkeley High School, AP/IB Chinese teacher
Xin Chen

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